Dave Klarer, Vice President Electrical-Datacom Division/Partner

Phone (647)-938-5454   •  Email: dk@salesoutsourcesolutions.com

Dave is responsible for the management and business development of our key Datacom, Electrical, and Industrial accounts across Canada.

He has been in the electrical and communications industry his entire career since graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1985 from McMaster University. Having held leadership roles in both distribution and manufacturing organizations, he understands channel to market and the successful synergy that can be formed through clear communication and shared goals and visions.

Dave has always recognized the importance of being a good custodian of the industry and is an active member of Electro Federation of Canada, having served on various committees and the National Advisory Council over the past several years.

Dave loves football, swimming, spending time on the golf links in the summer and recently took up lap steel guitar as a new challenge.

Tim Emoff, Vice President Telecom Division/Partner

Phone (416) 473-3172   •   Email: te@salesoutsourcesolutions.com

Tim has responsibility for the business development and strategic direction of our Telecom, Broadband, and Wireless business across Canada.

A 20-year veteran of the telecommunication sector and with over 30 years experience in distribution & supply chain management, Tim has held numerous senior management positions in Purchasing, Supplier Relations, Supply Chain Management and Business Development.  He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Western Ontario.

Tim, both in business and in his personal life, has embraced continuous improvement.  He has a passion for learning, for the industries that we serve, and for the people within it.

He is the father of four adult children and enjoys the great outdoors, cooking, playing golf poorly and travelling the world with his family.

Norm Baldoni, Senior Advisor/Partner

Phone (416) 573-2979  •  Email: nb@salesoutsourcesolutions.com

Norm, along with Greg Porter, is founder of Sales Outsource Solutions and has built the foundation of what is our business today.  With over 30 years experience in the sales rep business, he possesses a deep understanding of the sales agency industry and its keys to success.

Norm’s current responsibilities include continuous education (coaching) of all team members, in particular of the ownership group, serving as counsel and advisor to both Dave and Tim on key business elements and strategic directives.

Norm also continues to assist with business expansion initiatives, particularly in the Industrial marketplace, leveraging his long-term industry relationships within both Canada and the United States.

Norm is enjoying this chapter of his life in Collingwood.

Greg Porter, Senior Advisor/Partner

Phone (416) 580-8461   •  Email: gp@salesoutsourcesolutions.com

Greg has served the Canadian Datacom, Electrical and Telecommunications industries for almost four decades and, along with Norm, is co-founder of Sales Outsource Solutions.  Greg has a wide range of experience in leading manufacturing, distribution and sales agency businesses.

Holding his RCDD accreditation, Greg serves as an advisor to our team in numerous markets and product solutions, including but not limited to PoE, Datacom, alternative energy, infrastructure solutions, and installation tools and equipment.  We continue to leverage Greg’s extensive relationships in the design, consulting, engineering community.

Greg is in the process of building a cottage, loves spending time with his family and new puppy, watching sports and loves the company of his many friends over a dinner or a drink.

Chris Porter, Customer Service Manager

Phone (905) 677-9788  •  Email: cp@salesoutsourcesolutions.com

Chris has held a variety of Inside Sales and Customer Service Management roles over a 15-year tenure in the rep agency business.

Highly respected for his technical competence, responsiveness and his exceptional customer service, Chris is the conduit between our customers and our manufacturer partners with respect to quotations, technical support, expediting, and a variety of other commercial inquiries.

Chris has a passion for providing excellent customer care.

In his spare time, Chris loves DIY projects of any kind, working on old cars, spending time with his wife and dog and an interest in vintage electronics.

Mason Emoff, Intern

  •  Email: me@salesoutsourcesolutions.com

Mason, via academic and athletic (Division III Hockey) scholarships, attends Manhattanville College in New York.  He is entering into his junior year of an Honours program with a double major in Business Management and Finance.

Responsibilities for Mason will include engagement with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in identifying additional FibreONE (www.fibre-one.ca ) opportunities and the expansion of SOS’ reach into Canada’s Engineering, Consultant & Design communities.  Furthermore, he will provide additional support to our sales and finance teams, as they launch several new initiatives.

“This internship provides a wonderful learning opportunity for Mason while also assisting us in cultivating more leads for FibreONE, supporting our increased engagement with the country’s engineering community and assisting in other projects throughout the summer” stated Dave Klarer, Partner & Vice President of SOS’ Electrical-Datacom Division.

In his spare time, Mason is an avid reader, sports & fitness enthusiast and sits on a variety of academic, club and alumni associations throughout the year.

Roman Babych, Director Business Development Central Canada, Telecom Division/Partner

Phone (905) 703-5555  •  Email: rb@salesoutsourcesolutions.com

Roman has been with Sales Outsource Solutions serving the Telecom, Datacom and Industrial industries for over two years.  Prior to this, Roman spent 8 years in the automotive industry where he held a variety of sales and sales management positions with Audi, Mercedes and Volkswagen and was the recipient of several sales industry awards and dealership achievements.

A true sales professional, Roman has quickly established himself within the Telecommunications/Broadband industry as customer-focused, responsive, and knowledgeable of the market he serves.

Roman loves spending time with his fiancé and their families, has a passion for cars, golf, soccer and hockey and was an accomplished player in those latter two sports.

Martin Stimpson, Regional Sales Manager Western Canada, Telecom Division/Partner

Phone (604) 671-4437  •  Email: ms@salesoutsourcesolutions.com

Martin possesses over 25 years experience in broadband technology and within the fibre optic construction industry.

Combining a high level of technical acumen with a long history of business development success, Martin has held various sales and product management positions, most recently with TVC Canada over a span of two decades.   He also possesses international sales experience selling broadband technology in the USA and heavy machinery in Norway.

A B.Comm graduate from The University of British Columbia, Martin loves skiing, running and exploring the nature of the beautiful west coast. Additionally, he fancy’s himself a bit of a Business and Biography book junkie.

Brenda Knutson, Regional Sales Manager Western Canada, Electrical Datacom Division/Partner

Phone (780) 909-0103  •  Email: bk@salesoutsourcesolutions.com

Brenda has spent over three decades serving the Electrical and Datacom Industries in Western Canada.

She has held a wide range of sales and senior management roles in both manufacturing and distribution (Western Regional Sales Manager, Canadian Sales Manager, North American Sales Manager) with ShawFlex Div of ShawCor, Prysmian Cables, Deca Cables and most recently with Noramco.

Holding degrees in both Business Management and Accounting, Brenda is passionate about creating demand for the products and solutions that she represents.  Possessing strong long-term relationships, she has a reputation for being a staunch advocate for her customers.

On a personal note, Brenda and her husband enjoy spending time with all of their ‘zoo friends’ their horses, dogs and cats.  She also loves to camp, garden and is the winner of numerous Sales Outsource Solutions weekly music trivia contests.

Alex Matacz, Regional Sales Manager, Central Canada, Telecom Division

Phone (905)-699-9978  •  Email: am@salesoutsourcesolutions.com

Alex serves the Telecom Division in the Ontario/Manitoba region and prior to his involvement with Sales Outsource Solutions he has held serval business development and sales roles. Most recently, Alex led the Partnership and Sales efforts for an international Agency in the Technology Industry where he grew the Canadian and US division by acquiring clients and nurturing relationships with Google, Microsoft, and Facebook channels.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Guelph and he is passionate about constantly learning and applying winning ideas that progress personal and professional relationships in the industry he serves.

Alex loves spending time with his family and close friends. He also enjoys snowboarding, hockey, running, hiking, biking, swimming, and exploring Canada’s beautiful landscape. He plans on becoming a better golfer this season.

Sheldon Sawchyn, Business Development Program Manager

Phone (416) 918-8431  •  Email: ss@salesoutsourcesolutions.com

Sheldon is a recent graduate from the University of Western Ontario where he obtained a Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies, with a Specialization in Finance.

Sheldon has led our migration to the Repfabric CRM, a state-of-the-art sales agency operating system and has now assumed several finance/accounting responsibilities within the company.  Furthermore, he has responsibility for the execution of our demand creation program.

Highlights of this program include:

  • Engagement with and education of the country’s engineering, consultant, and design community.
  • The identification and coordination of opportunities relative to government funded rural/municipal government programs, electrical, transit, utility and industrial projects.
  • The harvesting of contact information of our industry’s key influencers.
  • Development of comprehensive reporting, analytics, and marketing intelligence.

He has a passion for soccer and supporting his favourite soccer club, Chelsea FC. He also enjoys a variety of other sports and spending time outdoors and quality time with family.

Stephan Garant, Director Business Development Quebec and Ottawa Region

Phone (514) 949-3289  •  Email: sg@salesoutsourcesolutions.com

Steph is a 29-year veteran of the CATV, Telco and Broadcast markets and has previously held several leadership positions with both Canadian and US based distributors and manufacturers.

With long-term customer & industry relationships, he has a long history of success in growing sales organizations combined with a deep technical competency of Optical, Digital & RF networks & Metro Ethernet Access fundamentals, participating regularly in industry events and technical symposiums.

Stephan enjoys working with the engineering community in identifying, educating and specifying best in class solutions for the telecommunications marketplace, having done so for the majority of his career.

In his spare time, Steph loves to golf, traveling with his wife Elaine and enjoying great food with his kids and his grandchildren.


Savitri Ballai, Regional Sales Manager Central Canada, Electrical-Datacom Division

Phone (647) 570-3506  •  Email: sb@salesoutsourcesolutions.com

Savitri is another member of the Sales Outsource Solutions team that has extensive experience within the Electrical & Datacom industries.

Over her 25+ year career, Savitri has held a variety of business development and sales positions supporting the consultant, end user and contractor communities throughout her tenure at Texcan, TVC, Anixter, Graybar & most recently Hilti.

A graduate of the University of the West Indies, Savitri has a major in Economics.

She loves watching movies and spending time with her daughter at the beach, playing tennis and hiking.  Savitri is a self-professed “golf wannabe”.

Jordan Klarer, Marketing Manager/Regional Sales Central Canada

Phone (416) 347-0222  •  Email: jk@salesoutsourcesolutions.com

Jordan Klarer is joining Sales Outsource Solutions after 5 years working in the electrical industry in roles that grew from summer associate to marketing coordinator. Over that time, he has acquired the requisite skills to succeed at his new role with Sales Outsource.

Jordan has a degree in Marketing from Niagara College as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Communication from Brock University. In his role with Sales Outsource Solutions he will be responsible for creating marketing campaigns, working with key vendors, as well as a more traditional sales role.

In his spare time Jordan loves to golf, is an avid film viewer, reads every single day, and tries to exercise every day (not every day).


Chris Clarke, Sales Manager, Atlantic Canada

Phone (902) 818-6920  •  Email: cc@salesoutsourcesolutions.com

Chris is responsible for the management and business development of our Datacom and Electrical accounts across Atlantic Canada.

With over 25 years of experience in the IT, Physical Security, and Communication sectors, Chris’ experiences range from application development, design and architecture to Project/Program Management and Management Consulting. Chris also has extensive experience participating in and leading sales teams.

Originally from Newfoundland and Labrador, Chris has lived in many areas of the US and Canada and has resided in three of the four Atlantic provinces. He has an undergraduate degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador as well as an MBA from Saint Mary’s University and a number of professional certifications.

Chris currently resides in the Halifax, NS area with his family. He enjoys golfing, working out and reading, usually with the family dog in close proximity.